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Bring you and your friends to Kundalini Yoga Bostonfor a "hands on" healing practice lead by yogi, author/founder of Recovery 2.0 and recovery maven, Tommy Rosen. Breathe life into dormant spaces within you & invite possibility to heal. Explore how to let go of attachments that are holding your inner light back from burning at full flame. Join Tommy Rosen for a very special 2-hour journey exploring the transformative power of Kundalini Yoga. A Vinyasa warm-up will prepare the body for a powerful Kundalini Yoga set to be followed by a deeply transformative ancient meditation. Please bring your yoga mat.



Buzz on over to Follow The Honey to continue a sweet meditation "off the mat" with Tommy Rosen for an evening of inquisitive mingling, Q & A with book signings and healthy complimentary refreshments served.

Drop in anytime for this free community event to meet Tommy Rosen in person and other soul sojourners examining how to get clear from attachments to habits holding us back from what we intuit could be a healthier, happier & truer "self." Let's muse how to BEE the buzz, not how to GET the buzz; how to be fully ALIVE, hive mind & not dull our senses.

Join us at any time during afternoon or evening to get stung by the sweet possibility to AWAKE to our true nature. To thrive, not just survive. Let's breath honey together.

Honey, Yoga & Healing are for Everyone!

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