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Follow The Honey Inc. travels the world to bring "transparency of source" honeys and bee-inspired offerings to you and your sweet ones. 

Our company mission at its core is to foster business relationships that stimulate economic development through "human rights" honey. We aim to tell the narrative of our collective humanity through honey & bees.














In addition to raw untreated honeys of local, regional and global forage - Follow The Honey offers beeswax candles, mead kits, honeyed chocolates, books both scholarly and esoteric, propolis tincture, beauty products & more. Click here to shop now!


We most recently worked to establish a sustainable partnership with the Tanzanian government to bring premium asali [Swahili for honey]  to the USA that is cultivated from the baobab, miambo, mango, sunflower, itigi thicket, acacia, & other indigenous varietals pollinated by the nyuki [Swahili for bee] in pristine remote areas of African forage. 


Let us tell each others stories, and generate global economy based on ancient medicinal gold.  Peace.


- Queen of the Sun 

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