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Follow The Honey, Follow The Heart

"Kama Nyuki, Pamoja Tunaweza"

Swahili for Like The Bees, Together We Rise

Customized Delivery & BEEvents


Follow The Honey custom builds gift boxes and baskets for delivery to schools, offices, hospitals and homes. If you live in the Greater Boston area, we can provide this custom service for the same price as national shipping. 


If you are outside of greater Boston, we are happy to ship and include a customized note on your bee-half.


We are also happy to buzz out one of our local heartists and worker bees to do honey tasings or put together group party gifting options for pick up or delivery.


Please buzz us via phone or Bee-mail if you are interested in Honey On Wheels.



As a small but mighty business in the heart of Cambridge, we were built with the understanding that success means cooperation and partnership. We strive to bring value to our partners and the world by delivering our world class, "transparency of source" raw honeys to businesses looking for ways to improve their offerings.


If you are interested in sampling our honeys, we would be delighted to chat and potentially set up a tasting. Please buzz (617) 686-1469 if interested. 

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